New Worlds – On Tour & In Concert
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends
Director: TBA
Distributor: C Major Entertainment
Length: approx. 90 mins.
16:9 shot in 1080i HD | 5.1 surround sound
© 2018, a BFMI production
“New Worlds” – the pro­gram that show­cas­es the core of the A­mer­i­can val­ues in lit­er­a­ture and mu­sic was based in a friend­ship first. By start­ing to work to­geth­er, Mur­ray and Vogl­er dis­cov­ered new ways to per­form to­geth­er. The con­cert pre­miered in spring 2017 in Ger­ma­ny. But the suc­cess­ful part­ner­ship with ac­tor Bill Mur­ray, cel­list Jan Vogl­er, pi­a­nist Va­nes­sa Perez and vi­o­lin­ist Mi­ra Wang was soon fol­lowed by an al­bum re­lease and an A­mer­i­can tour, that is still go­ing on merg­ing in­to an in­ter­na­tion­al tour dur­ing 2018.

An­y­one ex­pect­ing noth­ing more than a se­ries of stand­up com­e­dy skits with light mu­si­cal back­ground is in for an eye­ and ear­o­pen­er. New Worlds trac­es “an o­ver­all arc from u­ni­ver­sal art to some­thing more per­son­al,” ac­cord­ing to Vogl­er. “I think peo­ple will be sur­prised by the depth and mean­ing of this pro­gram. I do feel in to­day’s times that we need to re­mem­ber what the val­ues of our so­ci­e­ty and our coun­try are. It’s mean­ing­ful to see this in vi­sion­ar­ies like Mark Twain or Gersh­win, who cre­at­ed art way a­head of his­tor­i­cal de­vel­op­ments.”